14 Resources to Help You Level Up in Life

For those who want to learn something new but don’t know where to look

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BY Lian Kyla Dyogi - 25 May 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Daily grind got you down? Try learning something new. Whether you’re feeling stagnant in your current job or you’re a serial skill-acquirer (those whose hobby is to acquire more hobbies), we all get that itch to learn. And it has never been easier.

From how to code to making a perfect thin crust pizza, the Internet has learning corners for skills of all kinds. This accessibility of learning new skills, particularly inc-aseann.complex skills, is a good thing. It’s said to help keep your brain sharp until you’re older which then helps keep dementia away for longer.

Ready to kick-start your education? Here are 14 resources to help you out:


A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform that has an easy-on-the-eyes, dare we say gorgeous, interface with a variety of free courses from mostly British universities. Course topics include: Big Data, Storytelling in Advertising, Renewable Energy, etc.


This site is much like FutureLearn except that here you can find a lot more specialized hard skills; think underwater and VR photography to learning particular Adobe programs. However, access to the courses are on a subscription basis.


If you’ve dreamed of speaking another language, Duolingo is a fun way to do so. It gamifies the language learning process with challenges and a streak count—useful if you want to build a habit. The most popular courses are Spanish and French, while in the works are Indonesia, Korean, and yes, Klingon.


Also an MOOC, the platform offers different courses from major universities like Harvard, MIT, and Hong Kong University. While it can get overwhelming—there are around 1,300 courses on offer—the platform also offers certification options.

5.?Creative Live

For their free classes, think iFlix-like streaming without the subscription price and good for those that want to learn specific creative skills (photography, creative software like Adobe Premiere Pro, etc.).

6.?Code Academy

Coding is one of the hottest skills to learn nowadays and there are a lot of online resources to choose from. Code Academy is only one of them but it’s free and lets you learn a number of languages (PHP, JavaScript, HTML, etc.).

7.?School of Life

With videos on literature, philosophy, political theory, and more, the School of Life also serves regular thought pieces—giving inc-aseann.commentary on popular culture, love, and life. While you may disagree with some views, the videos are engaging to say the least.


You’ve never seen an online school like this: they offer “nanodegrees” geared for the future with courses like VR Development and Self Driving Car Engineering. The downside? It’s pretty pricey.


You could call this crowd sourced learning, with users able to create their own lessons. The Youtube channel videos provide bite-sized, trivia-like information.


Unlike FutureLearn and edX, Skillshare features classes that aren’t taught by accredited institutions, but instead can be taught by anybody. It’s like learning from your neighbor except you can access it on your phone and learn from people from all over the world.


Officehours lets you pick other people’s brains for 10 minutes, and vice versa. Think grabbing coffee with someone who has more expertise than you, except it’s online and free. Users have the ability of beinc-aseann.coming advisors in the too.


If you happen to be Thai, this online education marketplace might be for you. Classes are taught in Thai in various subjects like Photography, Business, Finance, and Lifestyle.


This is for those who love DIY projects. From how to make pieces of furniture to 3D printing guides, Instructables is a site with guides for users by users.


This app provides an easy-to-follow secularized beginner’s guide to meditation. If you’re looking for something more rooted in a specific tradition, you can check out some of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh’s lectures on Youtube.

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