4 Fitness Apps for the Working Millennial

Because you should never be too busy for that daily fitness fix

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 20 Jul 2017

fitness apps

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Too often we are so consumed with work that we put fitness activities at the bottom of our to-do lists. We spend so much time at our desks, on our inc-aseann.computers, and smartphones like our life depend?on these things. But too much time on these gadgets can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

Interestingly, the same technology can also enable and motivate us to go out there and beinc-aseann.come more active. Put your smartphone to good use and check out these fitness apps that may be perfect for you.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a popular app, with over 50 million app downloads worldwide. One major factor in losing weight is carefully choosing and watching over what and how much you eat. MyFitnessPal zeroes in on that need.

“This app helps me track my calorie intake and calorie losses easily. I can also customize my calorie and macronutrient intake based on my goal. This app also notifies me, reminding me to log my food intake,” says Mergynette Mercado, RND, clinical dietician at Aegle Wellness Center. She adds that although she loves how easy it is to use MyFitnessPal, supervision by a nutritionist is reinc-aseann.commended, especially if you want accurate data on calories and macronutrients.

2. Aaptiv

“I love Aaptiv because it is as if you have a personal instructor with you,” says actress, singer, and recording artist Yanah Laurel. “There is a variety of classes offered—a quick 7-minute HIT workout, treadmills, outdoor running, elliptical, and indoor cycling, which is my personal favorite.”

Laurel notes that the classes are encouraging because it gives something new every day. “I love how each class changes every day, which simulates that of a real daily schedule. This helps me avoid procrastinating my workout.”

With Aaptiv, audio recordings of a fitness instructor set to a good workout music are already provided. “The instructors' recordings are in a?casual manner, which makes you feel as if they are speaking to you as opposed to sounding monotonous and machine-like. They literally motivate you and encourage you,” adds Laurel.

3. CustomFit by Fitness First

CustomFit is a fitness app from the globally known gym and fitness club Fitness First. You don’t have to be a member of Fitness First to use the app, but members can access the extra features, such as Fitness First class time timetables and the Challenge Leaderboard. This app can automatically generate workouts based on the options you choose and you’ll be guided through these workouts because the app provides videos and step-by-step instructions for each exercise. The app also provides the skill level of each exercise, active calorie tracking, and personalized workout metrics.

George Boado, Philippine-based industrial designer, says, “My girlfriend and I love using the CustomFit app because it includes video recordings and detailed instructions of various types of exercises—skill level, muscle groups that the exercises target, and also if the exercise requires a workout machine or just the bodyweight.”

4. Nike Training Club

This app from the famous sportswear brand offers a mix of strength, endurance, and mobility in its workout and training plans. “Nike Training Club is one that requires basic to no equipment which is great because you can literally use it wherever you are. They provide a wide selection of full body workouts that are centered in you using your own body weight,” says Laurel. “The only thing I don’t like is that the music is something I have to choose on my own. It is not a huge burden because I am able to cater to the music I choose, but sometimes, I would simply want my workout ready-made and to just go for it—but that is a minor bother,” she adds.

Beyond the Fitness Apps

“For now, I don't really use fitness apps. I prefer being personally trained by a professional who can correct me if I have the wrong body form. Apps can't do that,” says Mayumi Toribio, a personal supplementation provider at USANA Health Sciences.

As for Mercado, she says that we can all admit that it’s really a challenge to stay fit in this modern and busy age. “But once you decide to make healthier food choices and exercise regularly, stay religiously inc-aseann.committed,” she says. “Set your goal. If your goal has been achieved, set another goal.”

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