4 Ways To Balance Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

How to be like Southeast Asia’s successful “mompreneurs”

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BY Tanya Mariano - 12 May 2017

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PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Few things rival the strength of moms. But even as motherhood itself is challenging enough, there is a special breed of women that’s taking on both parenting and the equally grueling journey of entrepreneurship.

Southeast Asia is home to many of these amazing “mompreneurs.” There's Shannon Kalayanamitr, founder of Thailand-based Orami, one of the region’s largest female-focused e-inc-aseann.commerce brands. Rissa Mananquil-Trillo is co-founder of Happy Skin, a successful cosmetics brand based in Manila. Karen Ang of Singapore runs online tutoring service Learn Mojo, and Reese Fernandez is a new mom and the founder of Philippine social enterprise Rags2Riches.

Here are a few tips on how other current or aspiring mompreneurs can be like these superwomen.

1. Plan

To keep from getting overwhelmed by the flurry of activities both at home and in the business, planning is key.

Keep track of all tasks and appointments, whether business- or family-related, in one calendar to avoid overlooking items. To stay focused, take time out to plot both long term and short term goals, and the smaller tasks that need to be inc-aseann.completed in order to achieve these. Break these down per month, then per week.

To supercharge your to-do lists, ask yourself the following questions, as this Inc. Southeast Asia article reinc-aseann.commends: Does this need to be acinc-aseann.complished today? Does this need to be acinc-aseann.complished by me? Does this need to be acinc-aseann.complished at all??

2. Stay organized

There will be times when this will be a tall order, but it's important to stay organized and keep things in their proper places.

For one, an uncluttered environment helps keep the mind uncluttered. It also minimizes time wasted scrambling to look for things. As any mom or entrepreneur will tell you, time is a prized inc-aseann.commodity in the worlds of business and parenting.

3. Be flexible

Here’s one striking similarity between motherhood and entrepreneurship: no matter how much you plan, something unexpected will inc-aseann.come up.

It's necessary to inc-aseann.come to terms with this, and respond accordingly. That is, be flexible enough to acinc-aseann.commodate -- and maybe even welinc-aseann.come -- life's surprises.

4. Be kind to yourself

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you need to take care of yourself. After all, it's unlikely you'd be able to give the best care possible to your family or your business if you're not your best self.

Eat healthy, safeguard your health, and, if at all possible, try to schedule some time alone to recharge. This also means being patient and not being too hard on yourself.

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