Business and Parenting: Single Moms Share Their Best Advice

Entrepreneurship and parenting are not two entirely different things

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 15 May 2017

single moms

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You inc-aseann.come home to random crayon drawings on the walls. You walk into the bedroom and step on a Lego brick on the floor. Your little one walks into the room during a live interview.

Quite like entrepreneurship, parenting can be a struggle. And the work is even harder if you don’t have a partner to help you raise the kids. But time and again, many single mothers have proven that being a solo parent doesn’t keep them from being good to great. Here, they dish out their tried, tested, and child-proofed tips:

1. Being a single mom is an asset

It doesn’t make you less of a mother just because of that accident,” says TV host and entrepreneur Bettina Carlos in an interview with The Philippine Star. She recalls how being pregnant at 22 years old affected her career in show business. She firmly believes it was not a setback. Instead, it became a big asset as more doors opened for her when she became a mother. On top of raising her daughter, Carlos manages her baking business, hosts a TV show, and writes for the Manila Times.

2. Focus on what matters, even if it means having to fail first

At one point in her life, J.K. Rowling, the woman behind the billion-dollar Harry Potter series, struggled to make ends meet. She had to raise her daughter alone after her marriage ended in divorce, and never imagined she would make it as a writer.

It looks like fortune favors those who hit rock bottom, and chose to do something about it. Says Rowling in the inc-aseann.commencement address she gave at Harvard University in 2008, “Failure meant a stripping away of the essential. I stopped pretending to myself that I was anything other than what I was, and I began to direct all my energies to finishing the only work that mattered to me. Had I really succeeded at anything else, I might never have found the determination to succeed in the one area where I truly belonged. I was set free, because my greatest fear had been realized, and I was still alive...and so rock bottom became a solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”

3. Multi-tasking is key

One of the things inc-aseann.common among single mothers and entrepreneurs is they’re great multi-taskers.

Erika Rodica, a single mom and founder of swimwear brand Eika, says in this article in Smart Parenting, “I’m an expert multitasker. Somehow, I’ve managed to learn to do a lot of things at the same time. Like, for example, if I have to work during the weekends, I just prop myself with my laptop in the living room while my daughter sits beside me as she watches her favorite show. Don’t be fooled, for it’s not as easy as it sounds; wait until she bombards you with hundreds of questions!”

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