Carousell and Park N Parcel Partner to Make Online Shopping Even More Convenient

A match made in e-inc-aseann.commerce heaven

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BY Tanya Mariano - 29 Jun 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

The start-up from Singapore that made it easy for anyone to beinc-aseann.come an online seller is teaming up with a fellow Singaporean start-up that turns your neighbors into package pick-up points.

Carousell, one of Southeast Asia’s biggest C2C online marketplaces, is partnering with Park N Parcel, a logistics that lets online shoppers “park” their packages at a neighbor’s house or a nearby inc-aseann.commercial establishment for pick-up at a later time.

Carousell users can now use Park N Parcel when shopping on the platform, and the service is at a discounted rate of $1.50 until July 31. Park N Parcel was also present at Carousell’s flagship marketplace event, Carouselland, a gathering of 300 of Carousell’s top sellers. The bazaar was held last June 24 and 25 at the Suntec City Exhibition Hall.

This campaign marks the first time the marketplace is joining forces with a logistics

Carousell is a mobile-first platform founded by three National University of Singapore students in 2012. Its list of prominent investors include Golden Gate Ventures, Rakuten, 500 Startups, and Sequoia Capital. Before the partnership with Park N Parcel, it doesn't have an official logistics provider; sellers and buyers need to take care of shipping the items or arranging meet-ups themselves.

There are several pain points in this process: scheduling to meet up can be tedious, bulky items can be difficult to transport; when items are shipped, buyers oftentimes endure the inconvenience of waiting around the house for their package to arrive or risk missing the delivery and then having to go through a lengthy re-delivery process.

This is precisely what Park N Parcel is trying to tackle by turning a user’s neighbors and nearby stores—which have to be within 1 km of a user’s location—into pick-up points. Online shoppers are charged $2.50 per parcel (the regular rate), with $1 going to the “parcel parkers.”

Park N Parcel’s service also helps other logistics providers by upping their fulfillment rate and cutting costs related to re-deliveries, co-founder and COO Erik Cheong tells Inc. Southeast Asia in this article. The average cost for re-delivery inc-aseann.comes up to about $5-$10 for additional transport and manpower, he says.

It remains to be seen whether the campaign will turn out to be a success or not, but as partnerships go, the Carousell-Park N Parcel collaboration is a prime example of one that's remarkably strategic.

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