Geeks on a Beach 2017: Can Tech Save the Environment?

On August 24-25, the world’s brightest minds will converge in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

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BY Cristina Morales - 18 Aug 2017

geeks on a beach

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Think about a tech conference and the first thing that’d probably inc-aseann.come to mind is a gathering of suits in a state-of-the-art convention center smack dab in the middle of an urban hub. But international technology and business conference Geeks on a Beach (GOAB), as its name suggests, takes a more unconventional (no pun intended) approach.

Also known as the International Summit on Technology, Startups, and Design, GOAB brings tech-driven enterprises, innovators, and global speakers to a fun environment in an effort to inspire game-changing solutions to the world’s small and big challenges. Founded in 2012, GOAB is organized by and the Philippine Department of Information and Communications Technology.

Tina Amper of says that she hopes this edition of GOAB will not only attract entrepreneurs from the region (as it has done in the previous years), but also “serial entrepreneurs, Filipino-Americans from Silicon Valley.”

Tech fixes to environmental crises

This year, the conference will be held on August 24-25 at the Princesa Garden Island Resort and Spa Hotel in Puerto Princesa, Palawan — home to UNESCO world heritage site the Underground River and Honda Bay, among many other world-famous attractions. Also located in Palawan are the island groups of El Nido and Coron, two of the most popular tourist sites in the Philippines.

“Palawan boasts global environmental wonders like the underground river, the Tubbataha reef and world class beaches. As such, GOAB will tackle the theme of ‘Environment and Technology,’ and it will also have tracks on ‘Startups in the Region,’ ‘Creatives for the Future,’ and ‘Tech for Challenging the World,’” adds David Overton, CEO of and Chief GOAB Geek.

One of the speakers at the 5th GOAB is Silicon Valley’s Yobie Benjamin of and “Yobie Benjamin, among others, had invested in a start-up that protects wildlife in Kenya and mangrove forests in Brazil and earning the carbon credits in the process. You have to listen to how he does it,” says Amper.

Benjamin will be joined by Greylock Partners’ Chris McCann, Gobi Ventures’ Kay-Mok Ku, Endeavour Philippines’ Manny Ayala, GlycoProx Biosciences’ Aldo Carrascoso, and more.

What’s in it for you?

GOAB is ideal for people from the corporate or business industry, the start-up, or anyone interested in technology, design, start-up, and entrepreneurship topics. The conference presents the perfect opportunity to network, learn about the start-up ecosystem, and learn from entrepreneurs who have built and grown start-ups into global inc-aseann.companies.

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