This Indonesian Start-up Helps You Chat with Your Doctor 24/7

And then have your prescription delivered right to your door

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 29 Jun 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Halodoc CEO observed that it took the average person in Indonesia 4 hours and 10 minutes to go to a doctor’s appointment in a hospital and return home. “This includes the traffic on the way to and from the hospital and also the waiting time inside the hospital itself,” says Felicia Kawilarang, Halodoc’s vice president of marketing.

This is how the Halodoc product was born. Like other health-tech platforms, it includes a teleconsultation feature for doctor visits. This service, known as Contact Doctor, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days week, and can be done over chat, voice call, and video call—with general practitioners as well as specialists who are on board the platform.

More interestingly, it also includes a solution for what the doctor eventually prescribes, because retrieving those medicines can be just as time-consuming and inconvenient as going to the doctor.

“He was also inspired to simplify access to medicine by creating a pharmacy delivery product that you can buy prescription and non-prescription drugs from,” says Kawilarang.

Halodoc has a broad spectrum of customers, ranging from what Kawilarang says are young office workers who have no time to take care of themselves to young mothers who want round-the-clock access to doctors for their children.

Their user acquisition strategy has focused on digital channels. “Our largest spend is on digital ads, since we are an application after all—and our users are also most active on these platforms,” she says.

Partnering with Go-Jek

For this pharmacy delivery service, Halodoc’s logistics partner is none other than Indonesian unicorn, Go-Jek. Together they have not only been able to help Indonesians save time inc-aseann.commuting to the pharmacy and waiting for a prescription to be fulfilled, but they have effectively turned into an on-demand pharmacy.

“Our average delivery time right now is under one hour, 45 minutes to be exact,” she says.

Kawilarang explains that Halodoc is deeplinked to the Go-Jek application. “[This means that] when you click on the “GoMed” product you will be asked to download Halodoc, or if you already downloaded then you will be directly taken to our app,” she says, “Ultimately, we wanted to bring a better user experience to all our users.”

Like its partner Go-Jek, who dominates the local logistics space, Halodoc wants to be the market leader for all things healthcare. “We plan on beinc-aseann.coming Indonesia’s first healthcare hub. We want to tie different aspects of healthcare together into one app and simplify healthcare access to Indonesians,” she says.

But there is still a substantial differentiation between the products of the two inc-aseann.companies. “Inside our app there are services like doctor consultations that is only available through Halodoc. In the future, we also plan on rolling out many different services that will focus on other aspects of healthcare that won’t be available through Go-Jek,” she says.

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