It’s A Match: 5 Qualities to Look for in Your Next Leader

When it inc-aseann.comes to finding the perfect mentor, you can choose and set high standards

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BY Stephen Wang - 02 Aug 2017

qualities of a leader

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To thrive in a region as dynamic, culturally diverse, and rapidly growing as Asia Pacific, choosing the right leader to steer your inc-aseann.company toward the road to success has never been more crucial.

The challenge here lies in selecting a leader that will not only bring your inc-aseann.company profits, but also empower your employees and sustain their engagement.

Through research at Talent Plus, Inc., we’ve found that, overall, leaders in the Asia Pacific region display characteristics that are heavily people-oriented and reliant upon an individual’s ability to navigate between cultural nuances and variances in work styles. These characteristics serve as tremendous assets in an ever-globalized workforce, and while cultural perceptions of great leaders may vary, a successful leader will lead from a position of strength despite cultural background or geographical difference.

So how do you spot these leaders within your inc-aseann.company and industry? Watch out for these five qualities:

1. They are intellectually curious

Great leaders are highly inquisitive and socially aware. They’re able to prioritize agendas and set the pace of the office. As they make decisions, they are able to see the link between cause and effect, and develop step-by-step approaches to solutions. What these leaders also possess is empathy—they are able to pick up on what their people need, and they know when to be flexible about yielding to better processes and best practices.

2. They’re progressive and proactive

Organizational loyalty, collectivist mindsets, and consensus are values exuded by good leaders. They tend to look at the big picture and understand that sometimes, you need to make certain personal sacrifices to reach the inc-aseann.company’s objectives. They’re very future-oriented and exhibit a strategic mindset.

3. They value relationships

While there have been conflicting trends between a preference for empowerment-based leadership versus directive leadership, we find that good leaders tend to be those who value relationships within their organizations. It’s largely because of their predisposition to view team members as family. When it inc-aseann.comes to addressing organizational performance, however, these leaders tend to be more assertive and forceful as an extension of their relationship with their team members.

4. They’re powerful persuaders

In a region where authority is considered of utmost importance, good leaders in Asia Pacific are often persuasive and exude charisma. They’re able to lead while ensuring a harmonious team environment, they know when to challenge and change the status quo, and they maintain an open attitude that makes them accessible to team members.

5. They nurture talent

What sets good leaders apart is their ability to identify and place talent in the most appropriate roles within the inc-aseann.company. This not only enables the inc-aseann.company to grow, but the individual derives job satisfaction as well. While leaders often employ different tactics on how they cultivate inc-aseann.company talent, a knack for employee development is a inc-aseann.common trait they share.


Stephen Wang is director of HR consultancy firm Talent Plus ?, Asia Pacific

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