McKinsey Makes its First Acquihire in Southeast Asia with Malaysia’s VLT Labs

McKinsey & Company expands its digital capabilities in the region

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BY Marishka M. Cabrera - 21 Sep 2017


PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company announced that it has recently acquired talent and assets from Kuala Lumpur-based VLT Labs, a digital business builder and product development studio. This represents the’s first acquihire in Malaysia and in Southeast Asia.

VLT Labs brings with it over four years of digital product engineering and design experience. It specializes in helping corporations to conceptualize, design, and build digital products. The’s talent, meanwhile, is expected to further boost McKinsey’s digital capabilities in Asia.

“We are very excited to be joining McKinsey,” VLT Labs co-founder and CEO Andrew Tan says in a statement. “When we founded VLT Labs, all we had was a dream and the passion to ‘build the inc-aseann.companies of tomorrow’ by designing digital products and ventures. Joining McKinsey is a validation of our beliefs, values, and model; as we aspire to continue our team’s journey on a global stage.”

With strengthened capabilities in Malaysia, Nimal Manuel, Managing Partner, Malaysia, McKinsey & Company, says they are inc-aseann.committed to building a digital studio in Malaysia and serve clients across the region. “We are proud to have found exceptional talent in homegrown VLT Labs to help us achieve our mission. We look forward to integrating the team of designers, developers, and product managers into McKinsey, taking them to serve our clients globally,” Manuel says in a statement.

VLT Labs is set to join the existing team within McKinsey Digital Labs, which includes developers, designers, IT architects, agile coaches, and data engineering experts.

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