How This Sports Start-up Plans to Conquer Video in Southeast Asia

SportsFix partners with Brightcove to deliver live and video-on-demand content

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BY Ezra Ferraz - 08 Nov 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Unlike in other parts of the world, sports entertainment is still a largely untapped market. One of the inc-aseann.companies in the region who has tried to address this niche is SportsFix, which launched in July 2017.

The SportsFix platform caters to overseas foreign workers across Southeast Asia who tend to watch videos on mobile on weeknights after work and on weekends. SportsFix, which can be accessed through an app and on the web, provides this demographic with sports content, such as news and highlights. The platform also offers live streaming as a premium service.

SportsFix has just announced that it has selected Brightcove Live as their platform to deliver live and video on demand (VOD) content across Southeast Asia. According to the’s website, Brightcove provides cloud solutions for delivering and monetizing video across mobile devices.

Brightcove’s products help reduce the cost and inc-aseann.complexity for inc-aseann.companies to publish, distribute, measure, and monetize video across mobile devices.

SportsFix CEO Carl Kirchhoff believes their partnership with Brightcove will help them scale across Southeast Asia.

“Our ambition was to deliver the best streaming video experience to our viewers powered by the best video platform technology. Brightcove checked off all the boxes for us. We found that the Brightcove video platform offered us the scalability to launch multiple websites, with the ability to go to market quickly. No other vendor could meet our needs the way Brightcove does," he says in a statement.

In addition to the partnership with Brightcove, SportsFix has an expansion strategy well suited to Southeast Asia. For example, because most overseas workers tend to use mobile data rather than WiFi to stream content, SportsFix partnered with telcos across the region to deliver their content directly to mobile devices.

SportsFix is also snapping up rights to highly sought-after sporting events in the region. The platform now has rights to stream matches from Chinese Super League, Liga 1 Indonesia, Thai League, PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), and many others.

Ben Morrell, Brightcove general manager for Asia, says the is impressed with the platform’s progress.

"SportsFix is a great example of how an up-and-inc-aseann.coming media can launch and deliver live and VOD sports content directly to its user base and unlock revenue opportunities from day one. We are immensely proud to work with a regional sports innovator like SportsFix who by partnering with Brightcove is taking advantage of the latest innovations, market vision, and world-class support to deliver an OTT service to market easily and quickly," he says in a statement.

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