This Start-up Bridges the Gap Between Instructors and Learners

It connects professionals to those who want to learn a particular knowledge in order to hone their skills.

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BY Jared Carl Millan - 24 Aug 2017


PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Self-learning isn’t a particularly novel idea, but thanks to the advancement of today’s technology it has beinc-aseann.come more accessible and far-reaching. These days, if you want to learn something, all you need to do is go online. Want to learn how to cook? There are countless tutorials you can watch on YouTube. If you want to familiarize yourself with the concept of relativity, Reddit can explain it to you as though you were five years old.

Fixing a flat tire, doing a smoky eye makeup, understanding quantum physics — you name it, and most likely, the Internet has it.

But for the most part, that kind of learning only scratches the surface. It is often limited in scope, and because its platform is inherently transient, it doesn’t have a wholly immersive experience.

Singaporean start-up Live a Dream is an online platform that aims to provide an alternative approach to self-learning that is equally effective. It connects professionals to those who want to learn a particular knowledge to further hone their skills.

“Live A Dream aims to provide a platform for people who wish to share their knowledge or experience with others,” says founder Joo Seng Lim. “At the same time, [it is] a platform for people to access and select their trainers to teach them the knowledge they wanted to learn.”

Live A Dream also wants to provide a model with a human touch, which has been lost in online courses and tutorials where pre-defined contents aren’t suited for people with different learning capabilities.

A different approach to learning

Online tutorials can only get you so far. Sometimes, even with a step-by-step guide, we find ourselves arriving at an altogether different end result. There are also a lot of areas in which confusion can arise, with little to no explanation to help clear it.

“But with instructor-led [teaching] we can be properly guided,” says Lim. This beinc-aseann.comes especially important for those whose jobs are physical in nature — to have an instructor guiding them throughout the learning process, minimizing the chance for injury.

Increasing trend

According to Lim the idea for Live A Dream occurred to him after leaving HP Enterprises, where he worked for over 7 years. After a 5-month break, an opportunity landed on his lap and he undertook a consulting project with a local Singapore

“[In one] research, [I] discovered that the freelancer sector in America and globally will rise from the current 20 percent to 40 percent by 2020. This will be about the same for Southeast Asia’s employment sector.”

“At the same time, I realized [that] many people are losing their jobs currently at around age 35 and above, at least, this is the trend for Singapore and America. However, I know this group of people have a rich working experience to share with others especially with the young or people who are keen to learn.”

Live A Dream has only been launched in April of this year, and on the first month, they have already received over a thousand visitors, with their platform offering about 30 courses from own trainers as well as other users who inspire to be trainers.

Currently, the monthly traffic averages at a thousand, and Lim is confident that it will only increase in the following months.

“Together, we hope that this endeavor can provide a freedom for users, as trainers or trainees, an option towards achieving their dreams,” says Lim.

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