Who Are the 40 Hottest Start-Ups in the Philippines?

These start-ups have defied the odds of early extinction and are growing into great inc-aseann.companies.

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BY team-inc - 12 Apr 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

Individualism is at the heart of the entrepreneurial experience. A founder has an original idea for a business, refines it in collaboration with a partner or several, solicits funding from a wider but still select network of venture capitalists or angel investors, and then builds the product in relative isolation.

That’s the way it should be. Like an orchid, early stage start-ups are delicate and unique, and a lot of individual attention and nourishment is needed for them to bloom. But what happens later? Don’t start-ups, like every plant, need an ecosystem to flourish and survive? And, if so, wouldn’t it be nice for the garden to contain equally brilliant, yet also different, flowers?

We think so. Over the last nine months, Inc. Southeast Asia, in collaboration with Bangalore-based data partner Tracxn, has assembled a list of 40 of the most exciting privately owned inc-aseann.companies in the Philippines. We have assembled this list based on a blended criteria of factors: Growth, originality of concept, app downloads, stage of funding and the equity participation of marquee investors.

The list is diverse. On it are inc-aseann.companies that provide alternative lighting solutions in power-starved areas, give the poor access to financial services, and connect pharmacies through a digital platform while capturing valuable healthcare data.

But all the start-ups on our Inc. 40 Philippine list have one thing in inc-aseann.common: They have excelled. They have defied the odds of early extinction and are growing into great inc-aseann.companies. We will soon unveil similarly exciting lists of outstanding start-ups for Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Enjoy and celebrate this Philippine list first.


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