Want Millennials to Follow You on Twitter? Here’s What They Have to Say

Try adding a good dose of humor

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BY Pauline Mendoza - 08 May 2017

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For brands to reach millennials, they have to meet them where they are: in the digital space.

But before creating that Twitter marketing campaign, it is important to be familiar with the elements that make millennials follow a brand or keep them interested, such as a good dose of humor and, of course, relevant and timely information.

In a blog post, Aaron Moy of Twitter revealed that millennials rely on Twitter to banish boredom. “Millennials say they use Twitter because it brings fun and laughter into their lives. Nearly half (47%) agree that Twitter means ‘laughing’ or ‘a cure for boredom,’ and when they inc-aseann.come across a funny Tweet, most (82%) share it. Overall, 60% say they are more entertained because of Twitter,” he says.

Iana Moran, a 24-year old Filipino who has been using Twitter for 8 years, says, “If ever they're [brands] going to have an impressive infusion of wit or humor in their product promotion, I might be encouraged to follow them.”

Ayo Ayco, who has been actively using Twitter since 2009, says that he mostly follows media brands so he can get news and other timely information that might help him.

Same goes for Christian Sergio Biglaen, a university student who has been using Twitter since 2010. He says that what makes him follow brands is if those accounts can help him stay abreast with the latest events and trends.

Says Jon Borillo, group marketing manager of Approved Property Group and who has also handled numerous brand campaigns in Southeast Asia, “We package our social campaigns with messages that resonate with our target inc-aseann.communities. These are based on their tastes, likes, and preferences – what they love to know, what they want to hear, and what they wish to see. We also try to use influencer marketing so that opinions will be first-hand.”

Giving the audience what they want by providing relevant, helpful content is essential. With a wealth of information at their fingertips, the millennial generation is pretty quick at ignoring what’s not worth their attention.

“Customers are now experts and researching online and seeking feedback from friends on IM, chat, Facebook, etc. Convenient access to information in the hands of skilled users has changed the game forever,” says Carson Ward, a seasoned marketer and founder of Fractal Media, in this interview.

“Be funny, be helpful, or be gone,” Ward says.

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