This Former Dollar Shave Club Exec Gets Ready to Shake Up the Estate Sale Industry

Adam Weber joins EBTH to do what he’s known for: disrupting.

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BY Jeremy Goldman - 21 Nov 2017

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

In a major coup, one of the most well-funded startups in the Midwest, EVERYTHING BUT THE HOUSE (EBTH), has hired Adam Weber, a C-level executive from Dollar Shave Club, to expand the premium estate sale marketplace's global presence and offering.

With over $80 million in funding to date, EBTH is the premier estate sale and consignment marketplace. Through a global marketplace and of buyers and sellers, EBTH has transformed the traditional estate sale model while preserving its fundamental charm: the thrill of discovering something special. Whether clients are looking to sell a collection due to downsizing, relocation, or managing a family member's estate, EBTH's full-service model - photography, cataloging, payment, and delivery - makes the process easy. It also appears to make it financially worthwhile, with proceeds typically 3-5 times higher than a conventional estate sale. For buyers, the reach of an e-inc-aseann.commerce platform and the starting bid of $1 for all items means they can access an impressive range of collectibles-- from a purse to a Picasso - from anywhere in the world.

Weber will be based out of EBTH headquarters in Cincinnati, OH, and will oversee all marketing initiatives across the, including digital strategy, expansion initiatives, advertising, and customer acquisition, with the chief responsibility of driving profitable growth and global brand awareness. He has extensive experience leading marketing efforts for major e-inc-aseann.commerce and retail brands, most recently as Chief Marketing Officer of Dollar Shave Club, which was acquired by Unilever for $1 billion in 2016. He joined Dollar Shave Club in 2012, where he was responsible for driving the storytelling inc-aseann.component of the, making video a cornerstone of the marketing strategy and taking the brand viral.

Weber is originally from Cincinnati; his wife's family is there as well, so it's probably no surprise that he's been very involved in the ecosystem there. He had gotten connected to Andy and Jon Nielsen, the's CEO and Chief Business Officer, respectively, and was very impressed with what they had put together. It was tough for him to pass up on a chance to be closer to home, and thought it was a good time for him to join a disruptive business model.

What attracted Weber to the opportunity were the similarities between EBTH and DSC. He explains that he has been attracted to industries where there hadn't really been disruption before, but were facing it now. Estate sales have been known as a cumbersome category, but with EBTH's white glove service approach, they're trying to change all that. Indeed, there's a huge disruption on the seller side. For one thing, it's tough to find those unique items in the traditional consignment world. He saw turning that process from one that was arduous into a situation where you fix major consumer frustrations as an opportunity to disrupt and solve consumer challenges better, much like he did at Dollar Shave Club.

For Weber, his priority at EBTH is simple: he needs to keep creating a powerful service-oriented experience. His job is to make it a powerful brand, to "tell powerful stories", as he puts it. To get ready to do that, he made sure to sit with Jacquie Denny, EBTH's founder and Chief Development Officer, who's been in the business a long time - 9 years at EBTH and 20 years managing a Cincinnati-based estate sale business called Sorting It Out. Weber was inspired by the stories of the crazy amazing items Denny was able to find in the back closet of a house filled with unique stuff. That's what makes the second-hand market interesting. When you are solving issues for consumers, everything you're finding has a story behind it.

While there are plenty of similarities, the marketing challenges EBTH faces are (unsurprisingly) different from those at Dollar Shave Club, which succeeded on the back of powerful storytelling as well as the underpinnings of strong performance-based marketing. Because his new role is focused on reaching a consumer base different from that of Dollar Shave Club, Weber will be using different channels; nevertheless, EBTH will be focused on performance-based channels like Facebook and search. "The channel mix is of course going to be different than Dollar Shave Club," as Weber puts it. That's not necessarily a bad thing: this customer is going to be easier to reach, potentially, than Dollar Shave Club.

"It is a rollercoaster. That's part of the run of disrupting, that it's not easy," says Weber. To be successful at the executive level, to solve big problems, you have to be scrappy. You have to go from a future long-term strategy session to the next minute, rolling up your sleeves and putting out a fire. That's the kind of rollercoaster he rode at Dollar Shave Club, and with EBTH, he's getting ready to buckle up once again.

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